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IT HZ (2019) is a performative lecture that critically examines the gender binary as an instrument of power, domination and control. In a performative-academic setting (lectern, posture, choice of words) Luca starts speaking in a deep 'masculinised' voice about the Eurocentric and gender essentialist premises of academic voice research.

Throughout the lecture, with the help of a voice transformer, their voice gradually moves to the higher pitched sound of their own voice. Towards the end of the lecture it’s all about sharing personal stories in vernacular language. Overall the lecture wonders: why do we take higher pitched, feminized voices less serious than deep voices? Why are deep voices attached to masculinity and ‘reason’? And how does this operate as a colonial tool of oppression? 

Performance at Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam [NL], 2019. Photo by Alizé Wachto.

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