L U C A   S O U D A N T
artistic researcher, curator & writer


It Hz is a performative lecture that critically examines the gender binary as an instrument of power, domination and control. In a performative-academic setting (lectern, posture, choice of words) Luca starts speaking in a deep 'masculinised' voice about the Eurocentric and gender essentialist premises of academic voice research. Throughout the lecture, their voice transforms  gradually from a deep masculinised voice to their own voice in vernacular language. Towards the end of the lecture it’s all about sharing personal stories. The lecture dwells upon: why do we take higher pitched, feminized voices less serious than deep voices? Why are deep voices attached to masculinity and ‘reason’? And how does this operate as a colonial tool of oppression? 



 © 2019 by Luca Soudant

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