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ON SONIC INTIMACY (2020) is a collective investigation of the material impact of low frequencies and repetitive sounds. For this ongoing project, Luca has had phone calls with friends, loved ones, and *until then* strangers. Sonically close yet physically far (due to COVID19 restrictions), they dwell upon ways in which our bodies not only hear but also feel sound. Sometimes the conversations enter intimate spaces in which (queer) healing tactics are being shared. 

Special thanks to: Jo Stevens, Vita Evangelista, Aimée Theriot, Gabriel Fontana, Andrea Martínez, Léon Fernandez D. S., Sina Egger & Double Okay Collective.

ON SONIC INTIMACY, Sandberg Graduation Show, Het Hem, Zaandam [NL], 2020. Photos by Sander van Wettum.

ON SONIC INTIMACY Sandberg Graduation Show, Het Hem, Zaandam [NL], 2020. Video by Baha Görkem Yalım.

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