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FEMMECORE (2019) comments on ways in which gender norms operate sonically. In response to a crisp brand’s absurd proposal to develop a “lady-friendly” kind of crisp, which were to be smaller and cracking less loudly, FEMMECORE reflects upon the lack of attention towards sound in Western theories and conversations on gender performativity. The sound of tapping nails, moaning motor engines, jingling jewellery, groaning in the gym, clicking high heels, crunching crisps: they are gendered under the status quo.

The audio composition is inspired by gabber hardcore music and all sounds are made from recordings of Luca's body in combination with crisps and crisp bags. For instance, the ‘kick drum’ is the sound of an exploding crisp bag in a shower cabin. And, the off-beat ‘high hat’ is their mouth crunching a crisp.  Historically, femininity has been associated with silence. When women or femmes takes sonic space, it has been brought down as hinder, hysteric noise or contentless gossip. By being loudly present, FEMMECORE aims to reclaim a sonic space that is structurally taken away from women and femmes. 

Installation at Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam [NL], 2019. Photo by Hanneke van Dongen.

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 © 2019 by Luca Soudant

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