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'FEMINIST-KILLJOY-MATTERS' (2018) is a research article published in Margaret van Eyck - Renaming an Institution, a Case Study. It offers a reflection on the feminist doings of a sticker material used in Margaret van Eyck, an artistic feminist intervention in the Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht (

The intervention entailed re-naming work- and research spaces after women. Previously, these spaces were named exclusively after well-known men from the arts. The article critically reflects on this project and introduces the materiality of the vinyl sticker letters as parasitic within the art institution. A close-reading of the material’s autonomous behaviour reveals a form of feminist agency that transcends the initial renaming drift of the intervention. This offers a 'de-anthropocentrized' version of Sara Ahmed's "feminist killjoy" and subjects this to Karen Barad's concept of "intra-action", which ultimately leads to a call-to-action. 

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