Luca Soudant is an independent curator, writer, artistic researcher and DJ (Them Fatale) based in Amsterdam. Currently they are enrolled at the department of Critical Studies at the Sandberg Institute. In their artistic practice, Luca investigates the (sonic) materialisation of power in everyday spaces. 

Within their own practice, they currently research congratulatory behaviour and repetition as phenomena that induce as well as counter normativity. Luca interrogates the “subtle” ways in which congratulatory behaviour from childhood onwards prescribes (e.g. gendered, romantic and sexual) ways of life. They aim to show the physicality, affectivity, omnipresence and intensity of these life-prescribing moments, for instance in popular media. These occurrences relate to the intrusive qualities of low-frequency sound waves, a substantial material Luca works with. As part of their process, repetition is also an essential element in processes of healing and ways of queer world making. 


26 April 2020

DJ set at Gehakt Ball, Landbouwbelang (Maastricht). This event is postponed. Instead each DJ (Kerjakaki, Louise and Them Fatale) will upload a mix online. To stay tuned see:


12-14 June 2020

Graduation show at Sandberg Institute (Amsterdam). 

12 September 2020

DJ set at Syntax, Luxor Live (Arnhem).

Date TBA 2020

DJ set at 'Staging Facts', Sexyland (Amsterdam). This event presents work by people from the Critical Studies Department at Sandberg Institute. They are made through a series of writing workshops with poet and critic Mia You. This event is postponed, more info soon.

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