Luca Soudant is an independent curator, critical thinker, writer, artistic researcher, teacher and DJ (Them Fatale) based in The Netherlands. They graduated from Cultural Analysis (research master) at the University of Amsterdam and the department of Critical Studies at the Sandberg Institute. They are curating Qtopia Queer Arts Festival Nijmegen and teach critical theory in various (art) institutions, art academies and self-organised spaces.


In their autonomous artistic practice, Luca investigates the (sonic) materialisation of power in everyday spaces. They work with the tactility of sound. Luca aims to show the physicality, affectivity, violence, omnipresence and intensity of 'that which we got used to' through working with sound vibrations as their primary material. They investigate the intrusive spatial qualities of low-frequency sound waves and relate this to (oppressive realities of) everyday power structures. As part of their process, repetition is also an essential element in processes of healing and ways of queer world making. 


12 September 2020

DJ set at Syntax, Luxor Live (Arnhem).

October/November 2020

Sandberg Institute graduation show, Het Hem (Amsterdam). 

Date TBA 2020

DJ set at 'Staging Facts', Sexyland (Amsterdam). This event presents work by people from the Critical Studies Department at Sandberg Institute. They are made through a series of writing workshops with poet and critic Mia You. This event is postponed, more info soon.

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