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Luca Soudant (Maastricht, 1993) is a PhD researcher at the Open University, artist, DJ (ADIË) and theory teacher at Maastricht Institute of Arts. They graduated from the University of Amsterdam with a research master's degree in Cultural Analysis and from Sandberg Institute with a master's degree in Critical Studies. Luca's research combines academic scholarship with artistic practice and is situated at the intersection of gender studies, posthumanist feminism and sound studies. Currently they are a resident at the Jan van Eyck Academy (NL).

In their practice, Luca 
studies how gender is culturally (per)formed through sound in-between humans and objects. Beyond researching binary gender dynamics, they inquire the possibilities of non-musical sound to set matter in motion as a way to queer (i.e. bend) our perspectives on matter, meaning and, most importantly, their entanglements. They work with the tangibility of sound and propose sonic thinking (i.e. making and thinking with/through sound) as a trans*formative politics toward non-binary and anti-essentialist conceptions of the worlds we inhabit. 

On Sonic Intimacy at the Sandberg Graduation Show, Het Hem, Zaandam [NL], 2020. Photo by Alizé Wachto.

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