L U C A   S O U D A N T
artistic researcher, curator & writer


Sonic Man(ifestations) explores ways in which gender manifests itself as sonic phenomenon under pressure of the gender binary. Western theories and conversations on gender performativity are overshadowed by an emphasis on the visual: anatomy, accessories, hair, makeup, physical movement etc. Sonic Man(ifestations) addresses the lack of attention given to the tight relationality of gender performativity and sound. It interrogates how specifically femininity and masculinity as sonic phenomena unfold, are valued and policed in daily life.




As part of an ongoing research practice, this work touches upon ‘sonic manspreading’: an active and horizontal formation of masculinity as sound. Sonic manspreading is an ontological, epistemological, and/or ethical situatedness of spatial entitlement and domination that might mute and silence femme or gender non-conforming ways of resonating with the world. 


 © 2019 by Luca Soudant

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